Wednesday, December 7, 2011

gobble gobble

Thanksgiving was so fun this year since we didn't have to travel AT ALL! Of course the day started off with our yearly tradition of the Thanksgiving morning run....but instead of doing the Run to Feed the Hungry we opted to do the Folsom Turkey Trot this year. It was a much different course (clearly because it was in Folsom and not downtown) but it was so much less stressful. Run to Feed the Hungry is a great cause but it's always so crowded. There are about 20,000 people, you cannot bring dogs, parking is nightmare and to top it all off, it's more expensive. SO, since our FCCF family was doing the TT this year, we decided to try that out. My favorite part was that Harley got to come!
 our FCCF family
my family (minus mom and bachan who were home watching the turkey)

cutest family photo ever

 Mom put me in charge of the table settings and namecards while she prepared a fabulous meal (as always). The Wongs + Andrew, Evan and Bachan also joined us this year. When we're all together there is so much laughter about really 'silly' things - it always makes for a good time.

I managed to make this cute little Happy Thanksgiving sign above our fireplace too.

I saw this idea of course on Pinterest to make the cute namecards from a whole walnut shell! Paired with our cute Anthro bowls I'd say the table setting was a complete success!!

evan, lauren and andrew
brother and me
hubs and me
Niner family photo - mom took the pic!
After dinner was over we HAD to watch the Niner G decided to make everyon put on ALL of his jersey's. He has quite a few wouldn't you say!? Look how cute Bachan is in the middle!

All in all it was a wondeful time at home hanging out with family on the holidays. I love this time of year, the fall colors are EVERYWHERE in Sacramento and the trees are so so so pretty. Next up.....Christmas!!

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