Thursday, January 26, 2012

is that a peanut?

A long time ago I decided to write a blog because it just sounded fun. I did this fully knowing that most people who write blogs often write about their growing families and their new babies, however I didn’t have either of those. Instead I simply had a puppy and a boyfriend yet the idea of writing down all my memories still sounded appealing to me. It didn’t matter to me that people weren’t interested in stories about picking up dog poop or awesome date nights, these trivial moments were important in my life and I wanted to remember every second of it regardless if anyone was reading.
My blog has evolved so much from those early days….it has helped me channel my feelings, it has helped my far away friends and family stay updated on our current events and best of all it has helped capture my life into what feels like my own personal diary. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to click back to day one and re-live my life over the years in my very own words and pictures.
This blog and I, we have been through so much together. Through my engagement and marriage, my many relocations, my job changes and of course my wonderful growing puppy Harley. But now I can say that this blog is more than that….it will be a way for me to remember one the of the biggest life altering changes in my 28 years on this planet.
It will help me remember how I became a mother.
Yup, you read that right. After much speculation and after so much patience I am finally able to stop lying and reveal a secret that has been oh so hard to keep…..we are expecting and due in August 2012!!!!'s proof:
(9.5 week ultrasound)
I have to admit, I am very grateful for the chance to have a child. Mentally I think most girls are afraid that they might not have a chance to go through this experience, I know I was terrified to try. So I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining when I say I have not had an easy time with "morning" or rather, all day sickness. I didn't anticipate how physically grueling it would be all day, every day. I have a lot of respect for moms because of this and more for the moms who are unable to birth their own children. Both are personal every day tests of yourself.

So, I don't feel sorry for myself when I'm sick. Instead I try to look for the humor in my situation. For example, pregnancy is the only time it's possible to ‘glow’ but still look like you've let yourself go. It’s also the only time during which I may or may not have thrown up in my in-laws front lawn and after every meal. Oh the joys of pregnancy.
Thanks everyone for the kind words.

We are SO excited and feel SO loved! 


Jamie said...

KATE & GREGG!!! I hope this little "peanut" realizes how blessed they are to have you guys as parents! So excited for your growing family! XOXO.

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Congratulations! Hoping that nasty morning sickness business will take a break soon! Couldn't help but laugh at your mother in laws lawn comment...only someone who has endured the first 12 weeks can truly understand! Wishing you guys the best.

Mejia Mamma said...

love you bammie!!! CHEERS to blogging and following your 1st pregnancy experience!! xoxo

Nat's blog said...

congratulations Kate and gregg! this is awesome news!! sooo fun! hope you get feeling better soon!

Lindsay Brummer said...

So excited of YOU and for ME because I love reading your blog and can't wait to read about this journey :).

Michael and Megan said...

Love this more than anything! So happy for you! Im requesting weekly baby bump pictures!