Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NYE visitors

New Year’s Eve was fun this year. For the first time ever we had VISITORS in our neck of the woods – the wonderful Hadley family (minus Hayley). Sarah and P spend 4 long nights and 5 glorious days in our presence and we couldn’t have had a more relaxing time. Our days were filled with relaxing on the couch, Boa Vista Orchards, GREAT conversation, plans for the future, giggles and of course some social gatherings with friends in the area.
For NYE this year we decided that instead of being dressed up and cold…that we’d opt for a nice night in with a homemade nacho bar! Jake and Amie opened up their house and invited a few people over to ring in the new year. While the boys headed off to the Kings game, the girls stayed back, prepped, drank and got to know one another. The night was fun….Apples to Apples were played, air horns were blown and hats were definitely worn….it was a great night full of fun! We were sad to see Sarah and Patrick leave but we know they’ll be back again very soon. There’s nothing like having your best friends relax and hang out with you for five wonderful days…..it truly is the best feeling to hang out and be silly with the ones you love!
(sorry for the lack of pictures, we were just having too much fun!)

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