Monday, January 30, 2012

secrets and silly surprises

Over the next 2 weeks we tried to come up with fun plans on how to tell our parents and decided that Christmas might be fun. That would put us at 7 weeks and pretty far along. Christmas WOULD have been great if we weren’t so bad at keeping secrets. By the next week we had dinner plans to go with Shelly & Jake and Art & Maritza on a triple date to Yardhouse. Gregg and I got their early so that we could ‘trick’ everyone into thinking we weren’t pregnant. We told the waitress our big news and she conveniently played along in our the game of “let’s pretend my soda water with lime is a vodka soda with lime”, it was so kind of her. Everything was good until I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Gregg had told me that Maritza had taken a sip out of my drink and questioned what I was drinking while looking at the bill – uh oh. Were we that obvious, could she tell or something? While the boys went to Dave & Buster’s, the girls went to DSW to shop for shoes and Maritza confronted me about why my 2 vodka sodas never made it on the bill? I did a great job lying and told her that we had gotten their early and chummed it up with the waitress so she probably just waived them and was being nice……she bought the story and phew we were safe.
the girls
the boys playing at D&B
hooray for date night

We decided that before we told any friends (especially ones that were catching on, aka Martiza) we had to tell our parents and we didn’t want to wait any longer. It was important for the two of us to have their support this early on and it only felt right that they were the first to know. We came up with the idea of shoes – random I know. We bought a tiny pair of Nike baby shoes and put them in a bigger Nike box. I was sneaky and managed to scrapbook the inside of the box that read “we’re expecting/you’re going to be grandparents”… all we needed was a video camera to capture the momentous occasion so we went out and got one that day during our lunch.
step one: regular shoe box

step two: open regular box to find smaller box inside
step three: open littler box to find baby shoes and OUR NEWS!

We had dinner plans over at the Anderson’s that Friday. After we ate dinner Gregg got out the new video camera to show his parents the ‘early Christmas present’ that I had given him. Then I brought out the box and showed them the new shoes Gregg had gotten me, only they weren’t shoes, they were BABY shoes. The video below captures the moment – I’m so glad we got this on film. However I am not glad that we are having a hard time posting these videos. Coming soon!
Since it was such a fun reaction with my in-laws, Gregg and I decided to re-live the same moment with my parents. Only this time it wasn’t my parents 10th grandchild it was their very FIRST. After dinner, just like clockwork Gregg showed them the new camera and I brought out the shoes….you can hear my mom say “little shoes?” very confused….while my dad actually READ what I had put inside the box….thank you dad, sheesh! Eventually they understood and they were overcome with excitement as was I. I'm pretty sure I was crying more than they were! Again, video coming soon!
Over the next few weeks I laid pretty low with morning, scratch that ALL DAY sickness. To be honest, I still haven’t really felt right. I guess the best way to describe it is that I just feel ‘off’, not like myself, really bloated and sea sick all the time. The car is not by best friend right now but carbs are. All I can eat are carbs to keep me from running to the bathroom. Do you know how difficult that is while working? Ugh. It’s been a rough few weeks but I think I’m at the tail end of it now….thank goodness!


Michael and Megan said...

can't wait to see the video's. hope you're feeling better. xoxo

Mejia Mamma said...

wait...are those boy shoes?!! do you know the gender already?!!!