Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FCCF + Belly = Huff & Puff

Being 17 weeks pregnant I've surprised myself on how much my energy levels have risen since the first trimester. I feel more like myself both mentally and phsyically, I am starting to get used to the belly, I find that I enjoy doing (some) excerise when my body allows me and most of all I am getting more excited with each day to hold this baby in my arms.
Gregg has been going to crossfit each and every week and I can't even describe how proud I am of his consistency and his motivation. His consistency has definitely been helping me to continue to push myself to work out while this belly grows. Slowly but surely, I'm finding that lunges are NOT what they used to be, push-up's are harder than ever and even squatting is a bit more difficult than I remember.

Here's Gregg's reply to the post on FCCF's blog today (in FCCF colors):
Get it!!!!!! Tonight’s WOD looks like a fun one…see everyone at the “Beat Stoney” hour!!!!! (7pm)
On a side note…today I came to the realization that my entire mindset has changed since beginning crossfit. I woke up and checked the blog this morning, as Kate and I do every morning, and I saw that the WOD looks like it is going to be a hard one. (at least in my opinion) But, instead of having feelings of doubt or deciding to buy tickets to the kings game tonight…I got excited when I read the WOD. I didn’t have any negative feelings or frustration, just plain excitement to push myself through a difficult WOD…and to BEAT STONEY!!!!
I think my mindset and all that I have gotten out of crossfit is a testament to the CULTure that has been built by everyone at FCCF, from the coaches to members to little Daniel coming in to cheer us on! Thanks everyone…I look forward to continuing to reach my goals with all of you!
Luckily I am a part of a wonderful FCCF family who has welcomed me back, belly and all, with open arms into the gym. I have to admit it helps tremendously that Elisa (who is the mother of beautiful baby Daniel - 4 mons) comes too and helps reassure me that certain weights and exercises are ok, plus she's a hell of a cheerleader and so much fun to catch up with. I like to pick her brain on everything baby...because she's just so natural at being a mother, it amazes me.
Last night was no different, both coaches were there rooting everyone on, Elisa was there with baby Daniel and I was there huffing and puffing as usual. Coach Camozzi happened to capture us in the moment last night....and we were featured on the FCCF blog today. What an honor!

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