Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a turnip!?

Is it still weird for me to believe that I'm pregnant? 17 weeks in and the bump is a growin'. I can hardly believe it. When my friends ask me how pregnancy is going and my co-workers ask me how I'm feeling my response is always the same "I'm great, a little tired, but feeling great." And why shouldn't I be tired, I am cultivating a life inside of me, literally. It's a lot of work to maintain my own life, much less help with the growing of another. Still, this experience is a beautiful thing. You learn a lot about yourself as you go through pregnancy, mostly because something is happening to your body every single's breathtaking and unbelievable.
17 week documented picture: baby = turnip
The peanut is no longer a peanut but instead a veggie that I've never eaten, a turnip. Hah, what a silly name. I love this picture because I like to see how big my baby is and then in actuality how big it really the 'official picture' to the right. That turnip baby is i-n-s-i-d-e of me. Just saying that gives me the chills.
At 17 weeks....
- I no longer have morning sickness, yippppy!
- When I eat my tummy puffs out a lot, almost to the point where I'd look 28 weeks pregnant if you saw me
- I still have a crazy meat aversion (did I mention that?) I stopped eating meat altogether around week 13 and have slowly started incorporating chicken.....very weird for me
- Pre-natals are still gross, but getting better
- We have a few names picked out but nothing concrete
- Gregg is still the best husband ever
- I have noticed during my xfit workouts that lunges, squats, push-ups are extremely harder than they used to be
- My regular clothes are starting to fade and I'm now the proud owner of stretch pants
- I now sleep with a humidifier at night, kleenex box and water by my bed every night - it is imperative I have these 3 things

Pretty good recap I'd say! I still am horrible at remembering to document the belly. Ugh. Every morning I tell Gregg we need t odo it and every morning something else happens and we forget. Don't worry, pics are soon to come! Only 14 more days until we find out if this baby is a he or a she!!!!!

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