Monday, April 30, 2012

showering shellfish

The beautiful Shelly (Shellfish) Thompson had her first of two bridal showers on April 15, 2012 hosted by yours truly and Maritza. Shell is such a beautiful bride. I have known her for the better part of my life, actually since our freshman year of being a granite bay grizzly. It melts my heart that we have been a part of each other's lives for so long.
Maritza, Shelly and I have become super close over the years. Shell and I were both bridesmaids in Maritza's wedding almost 5 years ago, Shelly and Maritza were bridesmaids in my wedding almost 2 years ago and now Maritza and I are returning the favor in Shelly's wedding this coming June. Maritza and I decided to throw a 'friend shower' for Shelly to spoil her with all things PINK AND GOLD or in Shelly terms "simple yet elegant".
bridey during the apron game
getting the appetizers ready

We had a blast putting together the color scheme, decor, games, etc. It's fun to embarras Shelly, she turned quite pink during the "panty poem" game haha that's for sure! I didn't have pictures to document because I was actually reading and presenting, but boy was it a sight to see!
party planners
mommy & me

One of the things I love most about our bridal showers is that our mom's have all been in attendance for every single one. This is our famous picture that we take, mommies & their daughers! We definitely each look like our mama's.
maria & maritza, wanda & shelly, katie & gail
Here was the very same picture at my bridal shower two n' half years ago! Boy how times have changed!

All in all the shower was a huge success. We played some great games, had some excellent food (thanks mom's!) and had a great time celebrating the beautiful bride to be! I can't wait for June 2nd to watch Shell walk down the isle and marry Jakey!

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