Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 60th Mommy!

This year for my mom's birthday we did quite a lot to celebrate. Earlier in this year in February we took a family trip to Vegas, Bachan included and saw the Beatles LOVE show there. We had such a good time walking the strip in vegas as a family. I have to admit it was a little frustrating and weird being so restricted with my walking and my drinking, BUT nevertheless it was nice to do some simple sightseeing for once instead of the typical late-night trips I've taken in the past. Plus it will just make those trips so much more fun when I finally go back there, I say finally because I have no idea how long it will be before going back now that we'll have a newborn!
 Since my mom's actual birthday is in May we decided to spend the day traveling to San Francisco to see a Giants game and eat dinner at the infamous House of Prime Rib. We arrived to the city pretty early and ended up at my favorite little place called Liguria's Bakery where they ONLY sell the freshest most delicious homemade foccacia bread. We bought so many different types, pizza, olive, onion, rosemary garlic, jalepeno cheddar ahhhh it makes my mouth water! Afterwards we grabbed sandwiches and picked up my brother from the train station and headed to the game. Gregg as at a work meeting at HQ and met us at the game too! The game was great, it was rainy at first but then cleared up and wasn't too hot (always my biggest concern these days). Sadly the Giants lost but all in all it was a great game.
Afterwards we headed to House of Prime Rib where we enjoyed a delicious meal. I was a bit skeptical about eating red meat since I literally had stopped about 5 months ago when I "just wasn't into it", thanks to a pregnancy aversion. I am happy to report that I ate it and didn't get sick. In fact, I think baby boy liked it a little too much. He was movin' and dancin' the whole way home.
All in all, a wonderful day spent in the city with my family celebrating my wonderful Mommy!

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