Thursday, June 14, 2012

another year goes by....

I was spoiled rotten on my birthday this year - not even joking! Being pregnant on my birthday was such a crazy feeling, truly that was enough of a gift! I woke up to a few birthday licks from Harley and a smiling husband - the best part of my day :)

Gregg and I carpooled to work and we stopped at Starbucks so I could use my free birthday drink coupon yippy! I walked into my cube and found that my desk had been all decorated by my sweet cube neighbor Nicole. I love her and her thoughfulness - it made me feel so good! That morning I actually had quite a bit of work training - three hours straight, bleck! But after that was over a few of us went out to Yardhouse for a very delish and LONG lunch, can't ask for more than that!

I worked the rest of the day and even managed to find time to respond to every single one of the thoughtful and kind comments on my facebook. I truly felt the love yesterday! At about 3:30 I got a call from security, asking me to come to the front desk. I was plesantly surprised with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Gregg. He is so thoughtful it amazes me!

Once the workday ended we went over to PF Chang's to meet mom and dad for dinner. There I opened my amazing gifts! I was so surprised to see that mom had picked out the EXACT wallet that I was thinking of buying myself - she seriously knows me all too well. It was even more funny that the wallet I got completely matched my outfit to a tee, lol oops. Then Gregg gave me an adorable card and a little bag as well. Inside I was shocked to find the Michael Kors watch that I have been eyeing FOREVER! I was so happy and excited and felt like the luckiest girl. Dad of course treated all of us to a yummy dinner!

It was such a great birthday celebrating with my darling husband and my amazing parents. I feel so lucky, so blessed and so very happy. Definitely a remarkable way to start my 29th year! Tonight I have plans with the bestie bears for another celebratory dinner.....this week just keeps getting better and better!

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