Wednesday, June 6, 2012

happy 29th birthday my love

Celebrating the birthday of a loved one means so much especially when it's your husband. When I first met G we found out our birthdays were only a week apart - exactly a week a part -  he is the 6th and I'm the 13th - how perfect! We also found out that we were born in the same city of San Francisco, (I think) even the same hospital! Which also means we are both Gemini's haha so there are 4 of us (ourselves and our 'twins') in this relationship - oh goody!
As I'm currently carrying OUR little one I can't help but think how amazing it's going to be a.) to give birth and b.) to have another little birthday boy to celebrate. I thought about G's mom and dad yesterday and how they welcomed their precious boy into the world (very early in the morning) and how happy they must have been and continue to be each year on the 6th of June.
G is not a big believer in 'going all out' for birthdays. He doesn't like all the attention and surprises but nevertheless he married me and I LOVE birthday celebrations! Lucky him! This year since we have QUITE a few things going on a.) our new house b.) baby on the way, we discussed doing very minimal gifts. I originally was going to get him a few little things BUT my brother suggested tickets to the US Open Golf Tourney in SF Father's Day weekend! G had mentioned he wanted to go but then decided later on that he didn't want to leave me two weekends in a row (he is going on another bachelor party the following weekend) and we had too much going on with the house.
I vetoed that decision and bought him a ticket anyway. I figured that he really deserved a fun gift that he could enjoy for once. Rather than the same basketball shorts or clothes that I always get him, I wanted to TREAT him for once, as he has always treated me like such a princess - especially now more than ever being pregnant.
Yesterday my parents treated us to our favorite restaurant for dinner, Visconti's (soooo good) and mom made homemade strawberry pie for dessert again, OUR favorite. After that mom and dad got him a few small gifts to open which included some new summer shirts for work. Funny enough after Gregg told me he didn't want anything for his birthday and AFTER I had bought the tickets, he decided to let me know that he had finally found something he wanted. Greeeeat. He mentioned wanting an original 49er football helmet and thought it would go perfectly in his new office with his framed 49er posters. Of course I couldn't tell him about MY gift just yet so I said he could buy it and he did. He was IN LOVE with the helmet....of course we all had to try it on! I have to admit it was pretty cool looking and will look fabulous in our new 49er themed office.

Happy 29th Birthday my love. You are by far my most favorite person on this planet and I couldn't imagine being more in love with you than I am right now. I cannot wait to watch you hold our baby boy in your arms. I know my biggest joy is going to be watching how we raise our son together and better yet watch him grow up to be just like his daddy. Love you always....your noodle.

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