Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 38!!!!!!!

It's been a while since I've put up a belly picture so here goes! Week 38 baby! We are officially ready to deliver at any time and from the sounds of my weekly check-up's we just might. I was originally 30% effaced last week at week 37 and this week I am now 50% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated. Crazy. It feels like Miles could come any day now but I know I need to be a little more dilated than that, haha. For now I'm just trying to relax and tidy up, make sure I take naps, sleep in, take long showers, READ, go on date nights with G and of course run out to do random errands.

I keep hearing nothing will be the same ever again which is probably both good and bad. I don't think you can ever really prepare yourself for how different it's going to be but I know that G and I are ready and that we wished and hoped for Miles to be here, so now that he's right around the corner we're definitely more excited/prepared than we are anxious.

Speaking of being prepared, we attended 3 different birthing classes. "Must have Tools for Labor" with Julie - LOVED this class it was amazing to have G teach me labor techniques rather than the teacher. "Surviving the First Year" which was an awesome class designed to teach you about soothing methods for your baby. The 5 S's.......bathing time and just general questions. And finally "Breastfeeding 101" which was super helpful. I had a ton of questions about this and really want to make sure that I can do everything I can to be educated on this topic. Breastfeeding is hard for new mom's and I am hoping I can be as successful as possible after being educated so much. There is only so much a lactation consultant can teach you in the hospital just DAYS after giving birth so the more I know now the better off I'll be.

Other than that we are just taking each day and each night as they come. It's amazing to think that I'll no longer be feeling Miles kick in my belly anymore but instead be rocking him or nursing him in my arms. I can't wait to kiss his little face, fingers and toes and just love on him. I can't wait to be a mommy!

Speaking of light reading, this is a phenom book that my bestie Maritza got for me when I was first pregnant. It is written really well and the information is organized perfectly. LOVE this book!


Michael and Megan said...

You look so beautiful and happy! I'm so excited for you to become a mama!

Mejia Mamma said...

awww yay for blogging time!!! hahaha you look GORG in that pic above in the white shirt... and honestly CANNOT believe you're 37 weeks... how the EFF did that happen?!!! hahaha... miss ya & cannot wait for baby Miles to arrive!! xoxo