Sunday, September 2, 2012

Great Grandparents Visit - yay!

One aspect that Gregg and I have always agreed on was the importance of our grandparents in our lives. And when Gregg and I were engaged we both knew that having our grandparents in attendance at our wedding was very important to us. Likewise when we found out we were pregnant it was imperative to us that they were here to witness their first great grandchild (on both sides). We knew it was going to be a special day when Miles met these incredible people in our lives and we were SO right!

Bachan finally got to meet and hold Mr. Miles yesterday. She had been feeling sick from the car ride over and was a little out of it when she walked through the door. When she sat down on the couch, she didn't realize that Miles was being held by my aunt and sort of just sat down and didn't say or react much, which we all thought was a bit odd. When she finally looked over she yelled "ohhhh yah!!!!" and JUMPED over to hold Miles which had all of us laughing hysterically. She was in awe of him....and watching her hold and cradle her great grandson was such a special and emotional moment for both Gregg and I. She wanted to hold him all afternoon and was constantly telling us how beautiful he was. When she left she gave me a really tight hug and whispered that she was "really proud of me" which brought tears to both our eyes. It truly was one of the best moments of my life.

A few weekends before that Gregg's grandparents made the trip up to meet their first great grandson. They were mesmerized by him and kept calling him the 'king' of the family - too funny! My favorite part was when grandma was holding Miles and talking to him as if he could understand everything she was saying. In complete full sentences and about such funny things - it made me giggle and smile at the same time. I know having a grandson is very special to grandpa...for him it means that not only is his bloodline extending, but that the Anderson family name that he's worked so hard to uphold is now continuing with Miles. I loved seeing Gregg show off his son to his family. Such a proud father to a sweet little boy. It was definitely a day to remember and I'm so glad we have these pictures to cherish forever.

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Michael and Megan said...

love the pictures of Bachan and Miles. What a special day.