Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hotel de Anderson

 Over the past few weeks we've had some awesome visitors! A few weekends ago Sasha, Mike, Dino and Stephy all stopped by to visit Miles and hang out while they were in town visiting family. Dino and I have had a long history of being donut lovers, so the minute we knew they were coming over we went out and bought donuts - so funny. Gregg found this special donut shop called "The Pink Box" that carried EXTRA LARGE donuts (see pic below) and knew we had to get those specifically for Dino. It was amazing having sushi for dinner and donuts for dessert with these friends. They are part of our large couple group and honestly it was more like family visiting rather than friends. We love them so so much! Plus, how good do those donuts look, yum!
Our next visitors were Sarah and Patrick. They were awesome with Miles not only holding and carrying him but also dealing with middle of the night crying and things taking a bit longer to get done around the house. Both Gregg and Patrick were groomsmen in our friend Jake's wedding which is what brought them to our neck of the woods in the first place. We spent most of our time relaxing at home, eating yummy food and playing with mister Miles. I am so thankful for Sarah, she kept me sane the whole weekend while I brought Miles to the wedding and supported me the entire time. Love my bestie wara!

P is a natural holding baby boy!
Wara & Watie

My handsome hubby and I

Finally our last visitor was miss Jaime. She was so sweet and took time out of her busy schedule to fly up here and be with Miles and I for a few days. It was so great having her relax with us and being able to catch up and chat in person about our lives. She works so hard and never gets a break so I think just chilling on the couch was exactly what she wanted to do. Gregg was and is a wonderful husband and let us have a little girls happy hour night which was much needed and seriously appreciated. I was sad to see her go but was so thankful that I got the one on one time with her that I did. Love you Jaime girl! 
J and Miles watching TV and holding hands

Even though it was a crazy few weeks with visitors, a crying Miles, weddings and plans it was also a fun filled distraction of excellent conversations, so much laughter, tons of pictures and so many more memories made with SUCH great friends. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have these special people in our lives. Hotel de Anderson - has a nice ring to it don't you think?

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Adam and Jessica said...

You look beautiful friend! Love your dress you wore to the wedding! So cute, as always!