Sunday, September 16, 2012

one month

My beautiful baby boy is ONE MONTH OLD (where is the time going????)

- He is starting to focus his eyes really well not just on big black objects but on our faces more and more
- Loves bath time but hates when we take him out to dry him off
- Getting more and more used to the paci
- Can easily move from bottle to breast (yay!)
- Loves to use his legs to stand when we hold him up and if we lean him forward he takes actual steps (it's crazy)
- When he sneezes his two arms fly up in the air, so funny
- He is just slightly starting to smile (see pic above)
- Sleeps in 3 hour increments

1 comment:

Adam and Jessica said...

He is adorable! I am so glad we got to meet him! You looked great and we just love your adorable little family!