Sunday, September 16, 2012

First time for everything.....

A few big FIRSTS have happened in our house with mister Miles. When we first brought him home we were giving him mini sponge baths but not fully immersing him in the water due to his healing belly button. After the scab had fallen off (gross) we knew we could give him a regular bath but we had ended up returning the one we received and had never gotten a new one. Oops - parent fail! For weeks we continued the struggle of "bath time" - Miles screamed while we hurried and washed him. For weeks I kept saying that we needed to get him one but we just never got around to it. FINALLY I found one that I wanted, sent the link to Gregg, bath was purchased that day and we were ready to test out a REAL bath that night. It was like MAGIC!!!!! He LOVED the warm water and looked so relaxed, complete opposite of his sponge baths. Our NEW bath time has quickly turned into our favorite time with him! Not only does it relax him (and us) but it puts him in a great mood and has become part of our 'nightime routine'. 
Another first is the SWING! I had read on a few blogs how necessary it was to purchase a swing so we had registered for one but didn't like the one we got (can you tell we registered quickly?) There were GREAT reviews on this little number below the Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing and boy did it work great. It has all the bells and whistles you could ask for including a white noise feature, glow lights, moving mobile, music, swings multiple ways (front to back, side to side)! We tried it out while he was still very sleepy and he looked so peaceful in it. Sigh....don't you wish you could fall asleep like that?

We had our first official OUTING to a real store, yay for Target. We ended up getting just a few things but it was so nice to be out altogether and shop around. Gregg looked so cute wearing the baby bjorn, he was rockin' it while Miles slept through the whole main event (and didn't even know I snapped this picture).

First PAIR OF JORDAN's! Uncle Ry came up to meet our little button and brought him the coolest gift ever, brand new Jordan shoes!!! Since Gregg and Ry have so many J's, it was necessary that Miles start his collection early. It was seriously so sweet of Ry and of course we had to document it!

First CROSSFIT WORKOUT! On a random Tuesday night Gregg suggested that we take Miles to crossfit to introduce him to some of our favorite folks. He was such a good baby and slept almost the entire time! We were able to snap this picture right before we left of us and some of our favorites.

Miles has so many more FIRSTs to go through in his life and it's so amazing for me as a parent to experience and document all of these new adventures with him. Truly these experiences are one of the best privileges you get as a new parent.

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