Sunday, September 30, 2012

millions of miles

I think I have a serious addiction (as a parent) to snapping millions of pictures of my miles. It seems like whatever he's doing, whatever he's saying, however he's moving EVERYTHING serves as a kodak moment. I'm sure all new mom's feel this can never take too many pictures of your little one right? Plus I always justify the 1000+ pictures on my phone by saying that 'he won't be this little of a nugget forever' The hardest thing about the pictures is that YOU want to be in them just as much (well most of the time - depends on how well he slept the night before) haha. Here are the millions of pictures of Miles in no particular order.
only HE would match his toys....he he he

right after nursing

the many faces of miles

mean muggin'
not loving picture time but oh so cute

lovin' his paci

cutest little boy ever

one of my favorites - he's so strong

my favorite photo yet

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