Thursday, October 11, 2012

Post Partum Sculptin'

Herself Moms has been a saving grace for me lately. I mentioned this awesome company earlier in my previous posts when I was taking prental yoga and my awesome must have tools for labor class. I knew they had a post partum sculpt class but hadn't attended until recently. I was a bit nervous and excited since we were encouraged to BRING our babies with us to work out. I was JUST getting the hang of handling Miles out in public, so bringing him to a class full of other mom's with their babies was exciting yet still nerve wracking. I didn't want to be the only mom with the crying baby while everyone else worked out!!!

My first day was pretty great. Of course Miles cried in the beginning but surprisingly he quieted down for at least half of the class and I got in a great work out with the other mom's. Each mom brings their own yoga mat and everything else is provided. Weights, bands, discs, exercise balls, swings, jumpers, etc! I had to miss the next class but ended up going both days this past week. After class few mom's and I decided to stay after, nurse and just chat. These few special moments are seriously so much fun and really therapeutic for all of us. We just get to vent, laugh, relate and happily spend time with our little ones. I was so excited that we captured a photo (we were just missing Jamie and Michael). I'm a bit sad though because once I go back to work, I won't be able to do these classes anymore. Sigh. Hopefully we can start our own little mommy group and have a few hang out nights a month! 

Hooray for Herself Moms and our therapy sessions!

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Mejia Mamma said...

wow. I'm impressed Kate - I seriously had no desired to 'work out' in anyway until K was almost a yr old, LOL!! go YOU!! And that's so awesome you're makin other mamma friends, kinda jelly & wish you were down here!!