Thursday, October 11, 2012

two months

- Can easily put weight on his little legs and sort of bounces up and down like he's really excited
- starting to use his eyebrows for expressions (so funny)
- still in newborn diapers but fitting better into 3 month clothing even though it's still a little roomy
- SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Coo-ing when he's really excited, we LOVE talking back to him
- drooling more
- consistently was sleeping from 10:30pm-6:00am and then another little nap from 7-9am (but now it varies day to day....3:30am, 4:30am, 5am....sigh)
- He's been to post partum sculpting class and hangs with his new buddies Jack, Tatum, Michael and Stella
- Went to Apple Hill for the first time and was such a happy boy, he loved the fresh air and smell of apples
- Nurses perfectly - yippy
- Starting to notice patterns on our shirts and blankets around us and 'attempts' to grab them

*Height: 23 inches (50th%)
*Weight: 10lbs 15oz (15th%)

*Two month check-up appointment is tomorrow, including his first round of vaccinations. Yikes!!!

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Mejia Mamma said...

ugh, 1st vaccs are the'll prob cry, I did...but it's okay mamma!! He's getting so darn big!!!