Friday, October 12, 2012

2 month shots!!!

Miles did SO MUCH BETTER than I thought he'd do for his 2 month appointment. He was surprisingly super calm before we took him in. During every appointment we always have to undress him down to his diaper for his weigh in and if his diaper is full then we change him. Well SOMEONE decided to do a nice little fountain pee and it went e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!!! lol. It was funny and stressful at the same time. Luckily the nurse mentioned that it happens quite often although I'm sure she was just humoring us. So kind of her to do!

This little nugget weighs 10lbs 15oz, just 1oz away from 11 pounds. Such a darling growing boy! I had talked with a few other mom's about this first round of shots and had asked for some advice about consoling your baby. What I learned was that immediately after the shots were administered that I should have either a bottle or my boob ready for nursing! I was literally prepared, wearing my cover READY TO GO. The nurse first started out with the oral vaccination, Miles didn't do too bad with that one - I'm sure he thought it was yummy. I was sort of distracting him and trying to keep eye contact in hopes he would just eat it and not fuss, it worked! He choked on it a teeny weeny bit but was fine afterwards, phew. One down, 3 more to go! Then it was time for the shots....Gregg was instructed by our nurse to hold down his little legs to keep him still and so that it wasn't TOO much of a shock (ya right) to him. She had told me prior to giving the shots that as soon as she was done I could pick him up and bounce him to make sure the medicine distributed well and obviously to console him. Before she was about to prick him I think we all took a fairly deep breath and off she went at lighting speed, leg....(this one stings) three....DONE! 

my baby boy in the waiting area, so calm and relaxed

Poor Miles, he had no idea what was coming and as she was giving the first shot his face got so red and of course, tears! Now granted I hear him cry every single day, yet those cries were so heartbreaking to both of us. We knew he was in pain and it was so hard to just watch it happen to him. After he was done I picked him right up and started snuggling him and rubbing his back, to our amazement he quieted down within a matter of minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such an angel baby. Like I said, I was planning on nursing but decided that if he was fine and happy that I'd rather nurse in the comfort of our home, so off we went! After he ate, he was exhausted so I let him sleep on me for a good hour...I wanted to make sure he got rest and that he was close by in case he had any reactions to anything. I never had to give him baby tylenol and he didn't get a fever, yay! Our doctor had mentioned that he may be a little more fussy at night and may even wake up more so to be prepared for a rough night, too bad my baby is the BEST and he slept from 10pm-6am, booyah!!!!!! Either way, I'm just glad that it's over....we'll see how his next round goes!!! 

sleepy bear who slept 8 hours!!!!!!!!!

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