Tuesday, October 16, 2012

happy retirement daddy

My dad retired the other day. Wow, just the word retirement is so amazing to say (I secretly wish it was in my vocabulary and clearly it's not). What's more amazing is that he's worked at the same company his entire working career, forty one years to be exact. He had multiple positions in those forty one years, but wow, what a rarity it is these days to say you've been with the same company for that long.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion his company sponsored a delicious family dinner along with a few special co-workers to any restaurant of his choice. We decided to go to a delicious steakhouse that was fairly new to the area. Gregg and I had been there before pre-Miles so we were familiar with everything and the set-up which was nice for us (aka, we knew our exits and where to take Miles if he threw a fit!) Miles was awake most of dinner, he just wanted to be held and wanted to be part of the dinner conversation as usual, such a social little bug! We had so much fun celebrating my dad's working career.  I'd have to say the highlight of the night was when one of his co-workers had received multiple goodbye letters for my dad from all of his colleagues and read them all aloud to us at the table, we were all getting a little bit teary hearing how wonderful of a mentor, co-worker and friend he has been to everyone. It doesn't surprise me one bit!

here we are at dinner - gregg snapped this precious picture of my boy and me

A few days after the dinner we had a final goodbye lunch with ALL of his co-workers, old bosses, etc. My mom had to work and so did Gregg, but my brother, Miles and I joined him to celebrate. Miles was less than thrilled about his outfit, but eventually we got him to calm down. 

dad and a few co-workers

baby boy and i
not happy about his outfit
uncle david and miles
sleepy baby during fats lunch
Finally on his very last day of work, Gregg and I got him some balloons, as did his co-workers. I snapped these photos of the two of them. Miles seeing a balloon for the first time was hilarious, he was mesmerized!!! I LOVE the picture of my dad laughing and holding his grandson. 

grandpa + grandson + balloons = LOTS of smiles

Congratulations daddy, we are all so proud of you and can't wait to see what you do in this next chapter of your life!

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