Tuesday, October 16, 2012

coffee/mommy break

When you're a stay at home mommy in the beginning of your 'baby career' (haha) you sort of live for those little naps they take, or what I like to call my 'mommy-break'. It's during that time that you sort of re-charge your batteries, you get to do something that YOU want to do (well after you've eaten, pumped, cleaned up a bit, let the dog out, folded laundry and re-loaded the dishwasher) yeah...so after you've done all that THEN you get to do something you want to do, lol. I have just started testing out a few things:
1. Miles in his big boy crib for a nap or two during the day
2. our new fancy smancy baby monitor

I love the monitor, it vibrates when there is lots of movement or crying, has a mic attached to it so I can talk to Miles to console him, has a nice stand on it and it's got great volume control and range! So far he's been  napping nicely in his crib, never for super long but that's typical of a baby his age I suppose.

On this particular day I got to have a nice mommy break and sipped my ice coffee while watching my baby boy sleep. Sigh....not sure if there is anything better than that!

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