Tuesday, November 20, 2012

three months

(first off, i can't believe we're at three months!)
- Miles can SMILE now!!!!!!!!
- We've heard quite a few laughs here and there, but he can't do it on command yet (this is the best noise in the world)
- Someone is sleeping in his big boy bed, HOORAY FOR CRIB SLEEPING
- Loves to explore and look around at everything, he really likes trees and looking around outside
- Recently has been putting his hands in his mouth, eek, so he's also met his new bff Sophie the Giraffe
- Enjoys the activity center, but can't reach the ground just yet
- Nursing without the shield, score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Eating at least 5oz out of a bottle now, if not more

He is such a joy to be around these days. So full of life and so much learning to be done. We love our little nugget!

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