Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ogre group outing

The 'Ogre' girls and I had our first outing. We decided to meet at Whole Foods so that we could eat lunch and chat while holding/nursing/feeding out little ones Everyone (except Sabrina and I) brought their Ergo's to carry their babies in, thus forming the name 'ogre' which is ergo backwards. We are creative huh? We had such a good time! Sooooo many laughs as usual and so much relating which is SO needed at this stage in our children's lives. It's so nice to be able to vent, ask questions and give kudos about all sorts of different topics both baby related and non baby related. I really love these girls so much, they make me feel less neurotic and crazy for that I will ALWAYS love them!!! (notice: I'm the only one not holding a baby....Miles slept the entire time!)

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