Tuesday, November 20, 2012

special visitors

Not too long after our Halloween celebration we had some special visitors in town Shaunna and Amanda! They were so sweet to travel all the way up to Norcal to meet Mr. Miles and visit some other good friends in San Francisco. What a treat it was having them here.
Upon their arrival we had a delish spread that I put together full of roasted garlic, brie cheese, salami, balsamic and olive oil for dipping, hummus, edamame, spinach dip and a yummy salad. It was SO FUN catching up with them while we munched on everything and sipped on some delish red wine.
the spread
After that we had a mini photo shoot with the star of the show, duh of course. These girls were SO good to him and bought him all of these amazing and fun outfits. His aunties sure do spoil him!
auntie shannie and miles
auntie tomo and miles

While the girls were here we went on a long walk, practiced hair and make-up, made yummy lunches and best of all we had a little girls night out. Gregg was sweet enough to watch Miles while we went out to Chicago Fire to eat yummy pizza and wine. After that I took them to the famous Toby Keith bar for another drink. We gabbed and gabbed and listened to live country music, it was so fun filled with so many giggles!
toby keith - i love this bar!

I was sad to see them go but I know I'll be seeing them lots in 2013 for all of Shaunna's fun wedding festivities. I can't wait to bring him to San Diego to our old stomping grounds and to meet so many more new friends/aunties/uncles. Before the girls left they captured this adorable family photo of us. I love it!
our little family (minus h-dog)
miles with the gals

To Shaunna and Amanda, I know I text'd all of this to you before but I am so grateful for friends like the two of you. It honestly meant SO much to me to have you both take time out of your crazy busy lives and fly out here to meet the new love of my life. He is truly so lucky to have so many special women supporting and loving him the way I do. And most importantly having you here helped my soul more than you know. I love you both and I'm counting the days until February when I get to see your pretty faces again! 

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