Monday, November 19, 2012

Cade, the Jr. Bulldog

For years Gregg has had such a special relationship with one of his high school teachers, Mrs. Posner. I just love her and her wonderful family. She is always so warm and friendly, just an absolute joy to be around. She and her husband and her darling son Cade flew all the way down to San Diego to attend our wedding three years ago and we were so grateful to have them there. Since we've had Miles we've wanted to bring him by to show him off introduce him to the Posner family. At the same time we've been dying to see Cade play in his Jr. Bulldogs Football league. We ended up with the perfect plan to bring Miles to see Cade's last game of the season. What a treat! Miles was actually doing pretty great, he took a bottle no problem and we held him most all of the game. It was such a great time and I'm really glad we supported the Jr. Bulldogs, who knows, maybe that will be Miles on the field someday!
mrs. posner and miles

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