Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Halloweenie Miles

Lately we've been doing SO MUCH STUFF and I have been slacking on the posts, however that just means I'm actually enjoying all these fun moments with Miles rather than documenting them. BUT while he's asleep I thought I'd get this blog caught up on what we've been doing since Miles turned 3 months old!

First off Halloween! He was an adorable little tiger. The outfit itself was rather big on his little body frame so I altered it a bit and tried to make the hood a little more snugly. For Halloween this year we attended the "Night of 1000 pumpkins" with my parents. We knew Miles wouldn't understand anything but it was still fun to bring him and go.

Lol. He's not too sure what's going on
Since Halloween was on a Wednesday this year, the day before at my sculpting class we brought our babies all dressed up and took a picture. There were a lot of mommies that day!

On the actual day of Halloween our work office had a little 'bring your child in costume' afternoon. Miles was napping so sweetly in his swing that I didn't want to wake him but thought for sure he would be up by the time we had to go. Sure enough, he was sound asleep and I realized that we weren't going to make it to the office. I was sad to have missed the fun event, but also really happy that he was napping so soundly. It's hard to wake a sleeping baby especially when we would have just put him in his stroller to wheel him around the office and he wouldn't remember anything anyway. Lol. Did I mention that I was already dressed in my 80s outfit ready to go, sigh.

See....there's no way I could wake him up when he looks like that!!
Instead we had a great time at home with the FIVE trick or treaters we got, so disappointing. We had a wonderful time just hanging at home with our little tiger!
 just a lil guy
 the sweetest tiger around
Each of these pictures is so precious to me, I love our family photo one the best, rawr

What a wonderful and fun holiday we had. I can't wait as Miles gets older to go and do some real trick or treating with him and see what other fun costumes we come up with from year to year! Happy 1st Halloween Miles! Rawr!

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