Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anderson Tree Lighting

Right before Thanksgiving Gregg and I decided to break the rules and put up our Christmas tree. I know most people do this AFTER the holiday but we figured that we wanted to look at our tree for as long as possible. This year we made the big purchase from good ol' costco and got the 9 FOOT TREE! Phew, it was huge and a little pricey but we figure we're going to have this tree for quite a while.

When we first bought this house I saw the front room and the first thing I said was "there is a Christmas tree room".....sigh....now we can FINALLY put it to good use. Our tree looks magical there. The lights are perfect and we had a great time shopping for our ornaments and other mantle decorations this year. When we first showed Miles the tree I captured this photo. His little eyes are full of wonder and delight. It made us both emotional! Even though he's so cute and little now, I can't WAIT for the days when we are decorating sugar cookies and playing with 'elf on the shelf'. But for now I love these sweet moments with my little baby boy just being content with his beautiful tree.

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