Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Mom (as usual) always outdoes herself with how much and how amazing she cooks. Everything is homemade from scratch from the gravy to the stuffing to the rolls. She puts so much time, effort, planning into creating such a beautiful meal that next year I've decided she needs a break and I'm going to make half the meal. I told her I'd happily be in charge of all the sides if she takes care of the turkey, stuffing and dessert. I can't touch the turkey....it weirds me out, but I'll definitely eat it!

My sweet Bachan could NOT get enough of Miles and was constantly holding him. He LOVED her and would only really smile for her. I think it made her feel super special (good job buddy!)

Here was his outfit for the day. When we walked through my parents front door first thing I said (before I wished everyone 'happy thanksgiving') was 'hurry up, we need to take a photo before he throws up on this outfit. Ohhhh the life of a new mommy!

I managed to squeeze in a picture with my little turkey. It's so fun documenting all these "firsts" for him. First time celebrating such a fun holiday. It will be so crazy that next year he will actually get to EAT turkey.

Finally, our family photo. I know that Gregg feels the same way as I, that we are BEYOND, truly BEYOND blessed to have such a healthy and sweet little boy. Our blessings not only stem from our wonderful family and dear friends but they are continously shown to us through our sweet son. He is more than perfect for our family and has made us so humble and so appreciative of this life we live. Even though Christmas is amazing and probably the best holiday out there, I really love Thanksgiving because it allows you to reflect on your life and what you are thankful for. After all the dust settles of finances, work stress, anxiety over everything one thing remains true and that is thankfulness for your family. Now that Miles is here, our life will really never be the same and we are so happy it's changed because every day is a true blessing when he's around.

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