Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Every mom needs their advice outlet, whether that be online, a good friend, a neighbor, a parent or best of all a support group. This is a picture of my support group. I CANNOT imagine going through mommy hood without these girls. As I was discussing with my mom yesterday how vitally important it is to have a group like this in my life it dawned on me that I am really lucky. A lot of mom's go through these 'new mommy stages' alone and without help. I feel beyond thankful to have met such a strong, caring, adorable group of girls through my post partum sculpting class.

The reasons why having a mommy support group is so important is pretty simple, no one else is going to  understand like they do (not even your dear sweet husband) PERIOD. There is just something about one NEW mommy's voice to another's that makes you feel normal again. I feel like I can bring up topics that I struggle with and that I have awesome opinions that will HELP me get the answer I need. I value their voices SO much because they too have been there or are currently going through it. As new mom's we go through A HELL of a lot, new emotions, anxiety, balancing life and baby and going through that TOGETHER AND WITH a group of other new mom's makes the stresses not seem so bad. 

We decided that our support system needed a night out. We called it Ogre MNO - or "Ogre Mommy Night Out". Sushi was the restaurant of choice and babies were left at home with their daddies while the mommies got to chat and 'have a moment' to learn more about each other and of course gab about everything under the sun. There was so much laughter and listening, it warmed my heart and I CANNOT wait to plan the next one. We decided that we are doing it every month. HOORAY!

To all those other special mom's out there (you know who you are) thank you for always answering my texts/calls/emails about all my silly first time mom questions. You always know what to say to make me feel better and to calm my worries and fears. I COULD NOT get through these times without you.

And to my Ogre girls....

Lezley, Danielle and Jamie - thank you so much for being my support system. I LOVE all of you so much and I am so thankful for each and every one of you in my life.  

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Mejia Mamma said...

aww love you BAM...so wish I was part of this lil fab group!