Thursday, March 21, 2013

a 3 month update!

In case anyone didn't's already March. Wow. Talk about a serious lack of blogging. I would love to give you all the details of what's been happening the last three months but that seems like a crazy amount of work, so I'll just start with what's happened most recently.

Nothing crazy new to report, we are still having the time of our lives with this little munchkin.

Here are some of my favorite Insta-colleges.

We bought this fedora hat and shoes for Miles when he was still in my tummy. It was amazing to see these actually FIT him. Sometimes I think I'm blinded by how fast he is actually growing. Like when I have to move him up in sizes, it seems unreal that he's growing that quickly!

 Yes we have started EATING SOLIDS. I though this day would never come. Originally I started with oatmeal and breast milk and Miles did great, then we moved on to sweet potato.....and then finally we started on oatmeal and pears to wean him off breast milk and things came to a huge HALT! This little one LOVES the bmilk so we had to go back and RE-start solids again because he literally stopped when I gave him pears. In his defense, I went pretty fast and made the consistency super thick. Not to mention how tart pears are, whoops!

I was super depressed thinking I had THE BEST EATER and then all of a sudden when he stopped, I was so sad. Every day I would just hope that he would open his mouth. Now I can say that I really do have the best eater ever. He has tried so many different foods. To name a few he is comfortable eating the following at 7 months...

sweet potato
butternut squash
green beans

and on the menu to start tonight is ZUCCHINI! How exciting right???

In addition to this food, we have also attempted puffs. These are tricky for Miles as he has no teeth, he struggles with the texture and actually breaking it down with his toothless mouth. I've noticed that when I don't break them in half he does better, which is odd. Hopefully we can work on these a little more in the next few weeks/months.  

 Nuggie, better know as Nug gets into everything.One thing he is MOST fond of is playing with my glasses. He loves them. I love this candid shot of us just doing what we do on an every day basis. Mommy laying down on the play mat while Nug explores and tries (yet again) to grab my glasses!

Yes another MILEStone for this wee one. We have graduated to stoller rides sans the car seat! It's been a VERY exciting time as this means we can hop out for a quick errand without moving the (really really really heavy car seat) in and out of the car! At first I thought he was too small, but the more we practiced it, I saw how well he did and how much he enjoyed being more 'free' and out of his little 'cacoon'. Look at those baby blue eyes!

Still as popular as ever Miles constantly has visitor who love to come and have playtime with him. This was a special visit because Andrew and Lauren specifically requested a play date be put on the schedule for Andrew to meet Miles in person since Lauren had met him when he was three months old. We had so much fun letting Andrew and Lauren play with Miles and all of his hilarious 'singing' toys. They were shocked at the crazy facial expressions that this little boy has and how much fun he was to hang out with. These are some of my most favorite pictures of the fun afternoon we had. 

 One of Miles' favorite people in this world is his great bachan. I was so amazed at how easy it was for Bachan to feed Miles after not feeding an infant for 20+ years, I guess when you know you just know! He gives her extra smiles and is VERY expressive with her. These are such incredible moments for me and I'm so thankful that I have a handy dandy iphone to capture all of these special images. I never want to forget them and I'm so happy Miles will have all of these to look back on as he grows older.

 I suppose I'll end this post with his latest 6 month photo shoot. I love how I numbered each of the photos so you can see the crazy progression of our wild man. My favorite is number 5 and 9! We have a silly little nugget on our hands!

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