Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy 60th Daddy!

"the secret guests"

Us with the "old man"

What a fun cake my mom got!

Our new family - I love this picture!

Ha ha ha!

My mom had planned a surprise birthday for my dad up in Sacramento the day after his real birthday! She was so cute and sent out little "surprise invitations" that he had absolutely no clue about to all of his close co-workers, old friends and to David, Gregg and I. Secretly Gregg and I flew up to Sacramento early on Saturday morning - after we dropped of Harley at his Auntie Sasha's. Thankfully Gregg's dad picked us up from the airport and we went straight to Brett's hair salon (it was about that time for me to get my hair done!) Then we spent some time picking up balloons and a few more decorations for my mom. Once my dad was out of the house with my brother Gregg and I drove over to help set everything up!
My poor brother had to take my dad to the movies, on a full costco trip, to get new washer fluid for his car and even to pick up a very late ordered pizza!! To my dad's surprise he absolutely no clue that this party was happening and was soooo super excited when he saw everyone in the living room - so excited he almost dropped the pizza!
We had the best time seeing old family friends and hanging out with of course mom, dad and brother! What a great planned party Mom!
**Happy 60th Daddy!!!**

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