Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's an L&A weekend

The L&A weekend started off with a bang. After work on Friday David and I drove down to the city (sat in a bit of traffic, ugh) to attend a fun rehearsal dinner event at Lauren & Andrew's house. It was pretty neat because they split up their rehearsals with a luncheon for the 'older crowd' and a catered dinner for the 'younger crowd'. We had a ton of fun hanging out....all the cousins together. Gregg had to study that night so he stayed in like a good studier while we partied it up!
all the cousins
all the girlie cousins
how fun is this octopus tatoo?
kimmie and i holding 'eddie'
mommy and bachan in front of the manju store - delish
Whenever we're in the city we have to see Japantown, not only because of the yummy food but because of the all memories we had their when we were young. Mifunes is the yummiest place ever, it has the absolute BEST Japanese food I've ever eaten and our favorite thing is called Tanin Dom Budi. mmmm!

Dad, David and I were acting silly taking pictures on the wall!
Us with the beautiful bride! How couture does she look?
Family Photo yaay!
The Anderson's
The ending to our weekend was awesome. We went to the Giants vs. Boston Red Socks game as a family. We were definitely all decked out and the game was great except for th 100 degree heat. Thankfully we were near the top and the shade got to us around the 4th inning. Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of family and fun and lots of pictures!

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The Mejia Fam said...

Everytime I read your blog updates, it's good to see that the move up North is serving it's purpose well. You guys seem to be enjoying life so much - and it's great that you have fam so close now, I'm so happy for you!!