Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go Grizzlies!

10 years ago. That's a really long time. Imagine what you were doing, the person you were, what music you liked, who your friends were, what you liked to do, eat, wear??? Now imagine re-living all that over again, a little scary don't ya think? I along with my bestie bears decided to throw our 10 year high school reunion together in about 4 months. With a late notice that no one was planning our event and in the middle of our own lives we organized, planned and excuted a fabulous reunion.
Lots of people gathered for our big event. We had about 130 guest in attendance, pretty good with 4 months of planning. In all seriousness it was really great to catch up with some old friends and meet new ones. I'd have to say the highlight was getting to meet everyone's signifcant others, it's always exciting getting to see who everyone 'ended up' with. Big thank you to all of our guests that came, it was so wonderful to see everyone again! Go Grizzlies!
The day after the reunion was also pretty exciting. We never get to see Jana and now that we're home and her mom still lives in the area we get to see her for all major holidays yipppe! I was able to meet baby Natalie who is seriously a peach. Just look at this little face!!
Overall a very successful and fun weekend with my GB besties!

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