Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's official! I'm a Tough Mudder

If I were to design an obstacle course that would push me to the furthest limits I could imagine, the Tough Mudder Challenge would be it. Maritza had mentioned that both her and Art had signed up to be something called....Tough Mudders, when I asked what that was she told me to google it. And there I was eyes wide, mouth open and silently thinking, "there is no way i'm doing this".

About a month later we were signed up! We learned later that our Crossfit group had also signed up and would be competing as well, which made it a little less scary I have to admit. Race day was INTENSE, we got up to Squaw Valley and when I stepped out of the car you could feel the energy!

Here a map of the course we did:

click to enlarge

The race was a total of 11 miles RIGHT UP SQUAW VALLEY! If you're from Northern CA, you know exactly what Squaw is, now imagine there being no snow and hiking directly to the stop and doing  few crazy miliary style obstacles on the way, yikes :) The race was put together by the British Armed Forces and is a combination of a mud run, marathon, triathlon combined!

The greatest part about the program is that all of the money that is raised on the event date goes to the Wounded Warrior project which is such a wonderful cause. Not only did this race prove to both Gregg and I, how strong we were mentally and physically but it was extra special that we were able to complete it with Art and Maritza who happen to be our favorite military family!

To learn more about the race click here -----> Tough Mudder Challenge

From the website: Tough Mudder NorCal raised more money for the Wounded Warrior Project than any other event to date. Thanks to all who donated and to the Marines along the course.

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